"We Know Animals by Heart"™ 

Whats Included in Lodging & Day Care Camp?

Dogs are out and about, inside and out, through-out the day.  We make each day new and exciting for all dogs in our care.  Typical activities and holiday events may include:

  • Ball Chasing
  • Frisbee Catching
  • Agility raised walk, jump ring & tunnel 
  • Non-Diary Ice-cream block challenge
  • Dog romping & chasing
  • Sun tanning
  • Snowball chasing
  • Kiddie pool play
  • Dog pitball
  • Disney movies nightly
  • Animal Planet daily
  • Squeaky toy play
  • Soft toy play
  • Interactive toy play
  • Treat toy play
  • Hot-dog dunking
  • Treat hunt
  • Farm animal life observation
  • Couch potato lounging

Special Activities That Require Training
NO Extra Fees!
  • Dog Puzzles -Mental Challenges
  • Go Dog Go automatic ball launcher
  • Bow Wow lure chasing
  • Fido Fit Exercise Challenge
  • Electronic Treadmill Exercise
No guarantees as all are based on training time, schedules & weather
Anivac Baths 

Small Dogs..............................$20.00    
Medium Dogs......................$25.00  
Large Dogs..............................$30.00    
Extra-Large Dogs....................$35.00    

 Animal Bathing Systems Cleaning animals from the skin up! 

 Sign Up for Special Camp Activities

Upon reservation or at check-in you may sign up for any of our extra camp activities. We will schedule the activity on the best predicted weather day along with balancing the care of all animals.  We can not guarantee an activity nor the weather!

  • Creek Swimming
    Our most popular add-on!  Campbell Creek is a designated trout stream that offers several swimming holes of varying depth. Includes towel drying and  finished with a spray down aromatherapy dry cleaner.  Halters & long leads provided for on leash water fun in nature.
    OR Swim Card good for 3 swims at $27.00
  • Woodland Walks/Hiking
    We have groomed trails through 92 acres allowing the mildly active to adventurous dog access to pastures, forest and creeks lined by wildflower fields and winter snow scapes.
    $10.00 or Hike Card good for 3 hikes at $27.00
  • Campfire & Hot-Dog
    Treat your dog to extra time out in the evening for fresh roasted campfire . We use nitrate free hot dogs.  Offered seasonally with minimum of three guest signed up on Friday or Saturday Night....$10.00

  • Pizza & Movie
    Playroom cinema night with pieces of Lazy Dog Bakery's pizza.  Includes a late night potty trip outside..................  $10.00 or 2 for $18.00
  • Lunch Picnic with choice of Walk or Swim
    Dog food dinning special with human grade ingredients made in US.  We can usually accommodate any allergies......$15.00
    A favorite wholesome summer picnic after a woodland hike!


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