"We Know Animals by Heart"™ 
Unlike a standard boarding kennel our lodge provides guest with several kinds of beds, blankets, feeding & water dishes. Holistic treats are provided through-out the day along with nightly turn down choices like pup-corn with a Disney movie. See FAQ for What do I need to bring besides my dog?
Business Principles & Philosophy 

We know there will be those of you who will embrace our attention to professional pet care, nutritional education, clicker science based training and holistic philosophies, you are the customers we want to serve.  Those that understand we ourselves are part animal, we communicate at a heart level.  We have made it our profession to understand animal behavior.  Staff members have been trainers, vet tech's, vet tech students & groomers. We enjoy caring for your "fur-kids" and hope to work with you to deepen the human-animal bond.

Always somewhat of a rebel, not happy with the status quo and prepared to challenge the wrongs to make them right.  I have made it my goal in life to improve the quality of life for animals. Educating  myself & teaching so you can act with knowledge in keeping your family & pets healthy. Understanding the dangers of over vaccinations, multiple "cocktail" vaccinations, poor quality "junk food" and the toxic environment you maybe exposing yourself and animals to. Please visit our Resource page for recommendations on books, video links & web sites.   We ask for the same medical field & food manufacturing responsibility as protected under law for humans for our animals.  We are fighting to protect our rights for both people and animals to use the natural God given health powers of plants, trees, seeds, flowers, roots, prayer and laying on of hands to heal,  obtain and/or maintain a state of wellness.

  It's empowering and exciting to see healthy results from simple food and supplement changes.  Be proactive in your health & your pets health instead of reactive, it cost far less.  Rewards from a more natural diet can come in the form of  miraculous changes in behavior, energy levels, mobility, personality, sociability, skin conditions or allergies leading to a healthier, happier and longer life. I have personally experienced this with  challenges of health & maintaining  a proper weight.  

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Owner, Deana Wolfe

2011-2012 Animal Behavior College Mentor Training Students
2009  Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior 
2007 Animal Behavior College

Accomplishments and Continuing Education
2013 Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Level 3 
2012 Aromatherapy - Robert Tisserand 
2012 CARE Raindrop & Vita Flex Training 
2011 Teacher - Clicker Mentor Training Hornell Humane Society
2011 Oct 13-14 Southern Tier Outdoor Show – Vendor & Training Demonstrations 
2011 Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Level 2 
2010-2011 Teacher - Clicker Training Classes Finger Lakes SPCA
2010  School Of Herbology 
2010 Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Level 1 
2009 Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior 
2008-2009 Dogs Deserve Better Steuben County Representative 
2008 Clicker Expo Rhode Island - Working for the Joy of It Ken Ramirez, Case Studies in Reactivity Emma Parsons, Neuroscience and Clicker Training Karen Pryor, Loose Leash Walking Karen Pryor, TagTeach Joan Orr, Module Training Business Model Karen Pryor, Understanding and Applying Shaping Kath Sdao.  Panel Discussions Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, Kay Laurence, Kathy Sdao, and Jesús Rosales-Ruiz 
2007 Animal Behavior Conference Sarah Wilson, Clicker Treat Training, On Target, Doggie Repair Kit & Canine Safety in Play Groups Gary Wilkes Hershey, PA 
2006 Red Cross First Aid & CPR (Cat & Dog)  Red Cross Ithaca, NY

Memberships & Associations
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
The Animal Behavior Education Network
Animal Spirit Healing & Education Network
 Shelter Animal Reiki Association 
Animal Wellness Association 

Deana works closely with her staff to maintain the highest and most current standards in training and professional ethics in all aspects of pet caregiving and client/student/pet relationships. She works privately with in home training and behavior modification programs & group Canine C.L.A.S.S. classes under the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  She promotes positive training methods at events, shows and has made class room presentation in our community elementary schools.

 Continuing education is a top priority as she takes advantage of self-study and online resources. She stays current in her knowledge base with continued study, attendance and participation in workshops, seminars and college level classes in the field of canine behavior, learning, consulting, teaching, healing modalities, health, wellness and nutrition for pets and people too.

Helping people strengthen the human-animal bond while serving her life purpose of aiding the animal kingdom is her personal and professional goal. While volunteering for rescue and shelter work she also worked on obtaining corporate grants to support non-profit animal organizations. After a short experience of handling her own dog in the show ring she retired and turned to animal rescue, adoption and foster care.  It wasn't until separation from a full career with American Express that she left the corporate world to pursue making a living as a pet professional.  Her and her husband are the guardian of several cats and dogs, some can be seen at work playing with other doggie lodgers & daycare guest.

Cyrus was rescued by the Finger Lakes SPCA Cruelty Officer, Scott Mazzo.  We agreed to foster care Cyrus and he lodged at Country Hospetality for over two months before we were so madly in love with him we had to adopt him.  He has become our "meet & greet" leader for introductions to new campers.  This allows us to gauge how your dog will do in group play without ever using a clients dog for testing. His happy disposition has earned him the nickname; "Mr. Wiggles" - UPDATE Cyrus has been given a promotion!  His new title is "Cyro-Cop" he spends a good deal of the day watching all dog interactions and monitoring for safety.  He is our best employee not only has he mastered the language of dog but he works for food!!!
Update 2013
Cyrus has retired after many years of  handling the doggie lodger & furkids daycare campers. Doing introductions and playgroup "work" to help keep playtime respectful.  He spends his retirement in mom's bed guarding the headboard so the cats don't use it as a scratching post.  At least that's what we tell him, he needs to be needed and have a job :-)

My husband, Steve Wolfe, partner in business and life who has given up his mountain privacy  to  support  my dream.  He is the caretaker of the gorgeous grounds and not only helps with our furry family and barn critters but lodgers too.

The geese, Silver, Dollar and their "pocket full of change", Penny, Nichol, Dime & Quarter. Not included in this picture is Sixpence as he was born with displayed legs and was under going poultry orthopedic care by me, Deana Wolfe, the Whispering Wolf. He is normal now and part of the flock you will see when visiting.  Our Nubian goat, Bambi & our Black Belly Barbados Hairless sheep, Ramsey, are in the background however they have all transitioned over to the rainbow bridge.  Please keep your pets leashed when visiting as our barn animals are not fenced.

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