"We Know Animals by Heart"™ 
Unlike a standard boarding kennel our lodge provides guest with several kinds of beds, blankets, feeding & water dishes. Holistic treats are provided through-out the day along with nightly turn down choices like pup-corn with a Disney movie. See FAQ for What do I need to bring besides my dog?

Is dog day care camp right for your dog?

Day camp or day care is designed to be given to your dog as a gift, the gift of socialization! 
Honor your dogs spirit by letting it play with other dogs in a safe contained supervised environment.

While good for almost any dog, our program is especially beneficial for dogs that are bored or anxious when left home alone.  Dogs who feel abandoned can develop problem behaviors like chewing on the furniture or having accidents in the home. A dog that has to be crated when you leave the house is most likely to be a dog that will benefit from our day camp program. Day camp is also a great choice for high-energy dogs, playful & sociable dogs. We consider it necessary for puppies and young dogs to gain self confidence and develop their social skills. At the other end of spectrum, dogs with a weight problem or older dogs can also benefit.  The excitement of the active dog play gets them up and moving.  Many veterinarians who are familiar with dog day care benefits recommend camp for older dogs even with arthritis, as long as they are in good health.  Dogs just wanna have fun!  We let them run freely off leash in our large secure fenced yards.

We do have separate small & large dog indoor and outdoor play areas. 
We separate by size & temperament as needed or when requested.

 Because no one should be exercising 8-11 hrs per day, daily schedules will also include periods of quiet time and rest for each dog.   Each day will include periods of supervised socialization, in which your dog will have the opportunity to make new canine friends, meet with old friends and play, play play!

It is extremely important to us that not only does your dog get sufficient exercise while here but also that he leaves us with his manners in tact! We run through basic commands throughout the day because we know a well-mannered dog is definitely more fun to live with.
In the time we spend with your dog we may notice some opportunity for training that we will happily share with you!

Some Basics

  1. Collars-we ask that dogs have a "quick release" collar instead of a buckle collar.
  2. Vaccinations-Under our holistic beliefs and with concerns for not only our own four legged kids but your's too see the "PAWlicies"  tab above.
  3. Temperament Testing- We DO NOT require temperament testing prior to a day care camp stay.  Animals like people need time to adjust and times can very from pet to pet. We DO have a discussion with pet parents about their dog(s) and the feasibility of dog daycare camp.  As professional trainers we can help pet parents decide if training social & life skills would be more appropriate over Daycare Camp. 
  4. What if my dog is shy or a rough player? We DO evaluate each dog, every day and throughout the day. We will move at a comfortable pace for your pet and the safety of all pets. We have our own pets trained in dog to dog introductions to help welcome your dog. We will manage your pet separately if necessary for no additional charge. All pets must be able to be handled by our trained staff.
  5. Meals-we prefer that day care campers be feed at least 1 hour before arrival.  We will feed puppies your brought from home lunch or any dog staying may choose from our natural menu for a noon time snack, picnic or even a special chew.
  6. Treats & Snacks - We provide all natural treat rewards and can  accommodate most allergies. We also sell chews & stuffed kongs!

    Visit our People, Pet & Planetary Pantry healthy pet foods  & menu items available for your "kids".

Review our Rates page for daily cost, Daycare Camp passes, days & hours. Daycare key information is under FAQ & Pawlicies including our holiday schedule.

Run baby run, who said Bonnie the beagle doesn't play at Daycare Camp?
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