"We Know Animals by Heart"™


Do you sell quality dog food? Only the best holistic chews, treats and kibble!  We also sell raw food in our Pet Pantry.

Do you take all dogs?
No, your dog must be non-aggressive.  The owner, Deana Wolfe, specializes in training dogs with fear and phobias so call and speak to her directly regarding your dogs needs. We have the right to refuse admittance to any dog if we deem the dog unsuitable for our environment.

Do you offer a referral program? YES! Instead of a large advertising budget, of which cost are passed on to you, we elect to do more networking. If you know someone who would enjoy our special care refer them for any of our services, you will receive 1 credit upon their usage.  Three credits equals a free day of daycare!  Five credits equals a free NIGHT!  Our software tracks re-FUR-als for you so just have your friends mention your name.  We have built our business on re-FUR-als!  Our space is limited so we expect to have to tell folks that we can no longer accept new boarding or daycare clients, don't let this happen to your friends and family!  We also have a Facebook LIKE re-FUR-al program.

What are the requirements for a dog on your premise?

  • Owners must certify that their dog(s) have not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any person or other dog.
  • Owners will need to certify that their dog(s) are in good health and have not been commutable illness  or dis-ease in the last 30 days.
  • All dog(s) must be on current flea and tick prevention, we encourage a holistic regime.
  • Dogs are to be leashed until check-in!  For safety reasons dogs need to wear "Quick Release" snap collars within premise, no choke or prong collars.


What are the benefits of Doggie Daycare?  Companionship, both human & animal!  Exercise, Socialization &  Training.We frequently hear that "My dog is socialized, it plays with my brothers dog".  That is not the same socialization as doggyville! Like camp for children with MANY friends of all ages, sizes and temperment our camp professionals provide lots of redirection instead of correction under the umbrella of love. Our guests are tired & happy when they go home.

Are all dogs accepted for Doggie Daycare? While Daycare is a great alternative to staying home all alone no matter the age of your dog unlike other Daycare facilities we not only equate Daycare as camp in an open enviroment but also day care for a dog.  Seniors, medical & physically challenged dogs are accepted for day care.  Puppies & play dogs are accepted for daycare camp activities & play.

How often do the dogs go outside?  It all depends upon the weather and what the dogs want. When the weather permits, we have been known to spend almost the entire day outdoors!

What are the age requirements?  Please talk to us about your dogs needs and personality.  We have taken in new puppies to seniors with different play levels.  Our small environment allows us to adjusted to fit the needs of each dog in our care.  We do distinguish between day care and Daycare Camp, "DAY CARE" to us is taking are of your pet during the day not just "DAYCARE CAMP" as in play with other dogs, which we also offer.

are Daycare Passes and how do they work?
Daycare passes are per dog and can be used for up to 6 months from date of purchase.  You can make your reservation one at a time or can book multiple dates. See booking and cancellations under Pawlicies.

What should my dog bring for his first day of Doggie Daycare?

  • All pets must come in from your vehicles by leash. 
  • We require each dog have a "quick release" collar for safety reason when out of their accomodations.  
  • You may bring a noon time meal for your puppy in a food safe container or baggie labled with your dogs name.
  • Proof of Rabies. See Pawlicies


Do you charge extra to administer medicine?
Yes, if it is a prescription or if you want us to ensure your pet takes his vitamins. We will ask that you bring a can of wet dog food to help in administration or you may purchase a can here. Too many times parents tell us their pet will eat their meds by putting on top their food.  When we need to ensure they take their meds we WATCH to make sure they eat their meds.  We will dress up the meds, hand feed and use a vet quality pill dispenser down the throat IF your pet has to have their meds and they are not voluntarily taking them thus we charge for this extra care.  Fees are $1.00 per administration.

My dog is boarding at the lodge what should I bring? 
  • Proof of Rabies.  See Pawlicies
  • Each dog needs to bring their own food bagged per dog per meal, we do recycle these bags. Or you may opt to provide a food safe container with a scoop.  Everything you bring needs to be labeled with your dogs name.*  You may also opt to buy our holistic dog food.
  • Wear a "quick release" plastic buckle collar. 
  • We suggest bringing a toy that smells like home*.  All dishes & bedding are provided by us.
  • Holistic treats are shared with dogs through-out the day so unless you have special dietary needs no additional treats are needed.  No foreign made or sourced treats are allowed on premise!  ALL treats must be in their original packaging or they will not be given to your dogs. Should you desire a nightly safe chew for your dog we have them for sale here.
*Due to the nature of dogs we accept no liability for the return or the condition of any items brought in at check-in

What happens if I can't pick up my dog(s) on time?
Call us as soon as you know there is a change so we can reschedule your pick-up or accomodate another night. 

Can someone else pick-up or drop off my dogs?  We ask that owners allow time to bring your dogs to us and pick them up.  Under certain circumstances exceptions can be made.  You will need to call and discuss your request with us ahead of time otherwise we will not release your dog(s) and you will be responsible for boarding fees.

Can I pick up my dogs earlier then originally booked?  Yes, you will be charged for the FULL reservation without prior approval noted in your file.  However if you can meet the 8 days cancellation policy no cancellation fees will be charged.  Delivering quality care to you means limiting the number of dogs we accept.  It also means staff are guaranteed a weekly work schedule according to the number of dogs boarding and booked for Daycare/Day Care. 
Do you offer long term stays?
Yes, we have had the pleasure of care giving to many a "snowbird" dog in additional to people medical challenges where their dogs need a safe haven for a long term.  Call and speak to us about your 30 day or more stays.  For stays under 30 days see our Rate schedule for Boarding Passes.
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