"We Know Animals by Heart"™ 
Unlike a standard boarding kennel our lodge provides guest with several kinds of beds, blankets, feeding & water dishes. Holistic treats are provided through-out the day along with nightly turn down choices like pup-corn with a Disney movie. See FAQ for What do I need to bring besides my dog?
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Rates

Pet visits range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and sleep overnights of loving care and companionship.  All paperwork and keys must be on file and full payment received before commencement of our service agreement for your animals care.

 Each visit can include any, or all, or the following depending on you and your pets' needs:  

Feeding and watering
Walking, playing, belly rubs & exercising
Yard pick up
Litter changing
Medication administration, pills or liquid (injections are additional)
Plant watering, rotation of lights and blinds and/or music/TV
Mail and Newspaper collection 

Steubens only professional, licensed, bonded and insured pet sitting and dog walking service!
Would you trust your "childcare" to anything less? Responsible pet parents trust us.

Rates for Pet Sitting
All rates are based on a 10 mile radius by mapquest from your pet sitter, outside radius calculated $0.50/mile

Visit Rates + Tax    Recommendations
30 min $17.00 Great for 1 dog, cats, fish, birds etc.
45 min $21.00 Better for 2 dogs or extra care 
60 min $24.00 Best for multi cat and dog families or horses, farm & hobby animals 
10 hrs $40.00             Overnight stays $5 each consecutive hr added on 

In calculating your cost keep in mind that on the departure day and return day you may need only 1 visit depending on your timing, desire and pets needs.  For everyones security and safety we require a minimum visit every 24 hours.  Call us to discuss your critter family, we can help you determine the best solution for your animals care. Inquiry about your discount for long term and/or 
combo care where some of your pets stay at our lodge and your other animals are taken care of in your home. 
Rates for Dog Walks

30 min $15.75   Dog walks are offered M-F as midday walks  
45 min $18.75
60 min $20.75

Packages can be purchased for 5 walks at a 5% discount or 10 walks at 10% discount.  Package bookings must be used on the same day of the week and booked at time of purchase.

Tips and Howl-i-day Servicing

Tips are always appreciated though optional.
A one time service fee of $10.00 for services covering a major holiday. This compensation is holiday pay paid directly to your pet sitter.  Holiday compensation for leaving their families to ensure your family member is taken care of.

*Inclement Weather*
Icy or heavy snow or rain conditions during scheduled visits may result in a delayed visit. Pet’s with life threatening illnesses and time critical medications will receive priority scheduling. MID-DAY DOG WALKS: If the schools are closed in your area, mid-day dog walks will be cancelled for the day, and you will not be charged for this day. If you need emergency service on a snow day, please call Country Hospetality by 9AM to request your daily dog walk, weather permitting.

 Excursions to Doggie Day Care Camp, Parks 
or Pet Transportation (Taxi) 
Great for Extended Pet Sitting or Keuka, Waneta or Lamoka Lakes Pet Friendly Vacation Relief

 Pricing Coming...You May Call Us Directly for Quotes 


Prior to services being provided, a complimentary in-home orientation with you and your pet(s) is required.  This allows us to interact with your pet(s), for us to discuss what services you will need and any special needs or habits your pet(s) may have.  A  service contract will be completed and your door keys(2) will be obtained.  See rates for Key Service below if not available at time of orientation. Two keys are required so that one key is always available for back-up team support should an emergency prevent your primary Pet Sitter from servicing a visit. Many clients leave their key on file with Country Hospetality for future pet sits.  All keys are kept in a locked safebox without your personal information for the highest security.

Key Pick Up Rate 

 If keys are not provided at time of orientation to your pet sitter a standard pet visit, $17.00 is scheduled. Upon request we can use this time as another visit to interact with your pet(s) before you leave town.  


A set of keys must be issued to Country Hospetality upon signing a service agreement. Locks or doors that are not to be used must be specified on your service agreement. It’s a good idea to even tape over locks or doors that should not be used to avoid confusion. Your key, while in our possession, is kept in a locked safe, separate from our client files.
Key return— We offer a READYKEY program and will keep your key in our locked safe for future trips. Or, you may schedule a time to stop by and pick up your keys upon your return. We also offer return of keys by regular mail in a padded envelope ($7 signature on key release statement is required) or a standard visit fee to drop off your keys at a time and date specified by client and agreed upon by Country Hospetality.  Fees for key return will be waived for long term stays of  12 or more visits by means determined by Country Hospetality.  We aim to please and will be glad to work out any details with you.

 Security System
Please provide the name and phone number of your alarm company even if it’s not in use. Alarms can malfunction so we need to know who to contact about the problem.

Animal Home Health
Or Hospice Care

This service is provided to these animals who have been discharged home by the veterinarian following surgery.  Or in the case of a pet who isinneed of hospice care.  We know how stressful this can be as we have experienced this first-hand. You may be feeling the need to return to your normal schedule, have family and work demands.  Situations like this require your routine be shifted to accommodate the needs of your pet. Undoubtedly you are feeling great apprehension and anxiety about how to divide your time.  We are here to help you and your animal. 

To enhance and support your pet's healing process, Country Hospetality can assist you with administration of meds, feeding, dressing changes and tender loving care during this difficult time. Please allow ample time for our consultation in order to thoroughly discuss your pet's care and needs.

This service can be combined with Healing Touch for Animals® services for a discount..  Visit www.whisperingwolf.com

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