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Unlike a standard boarding kennel our lodge provides guest with several kinds of beds, blankets, feeding & water dishes. Holistic treats are provided through-out the day along with nightly turn down choices like pup-corn with a Disney movie. See FAQ for What do I need to bring besides my dog?
9/4/2012 Proudly Announcing...  
The Rainbow Bridge Creek, Bath (Steuben County) NY

Almost 7 yrs ago I started this business the plan included an animal memorial park. Jan 10th 2012 I filed a government proposal to name the small creek along our driveway and bordering where a pet memorial park will be to  "Rainbow Bridge Creek" , after the "heaven" where pets go. YAHOO!! LOOK AT WHAT JUST CAME INTO MY EMAIL INBOX:

Dear Ms. Wolfe: 

We are pleased to inform you that the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, at its August 20, 2012 meeting, approved your proposal to apply the new name Rainbow Bridge Creek to an unnamed stream in Steuben County. The name has been entered into the Geographic Names Information System, the nation’s official geographic names repository, which is available and searchable online at http://geonames.usgs.gov/. The entry reads as follows: 

Rainbow Bridge Creek
: stream; 1 mi. long; heads in the Town of Canisteo 
2,000 ft. N of Hathaways Pinnacle at 42°16’04”N, 77°27’05”W, flows NNE through 
the SE corner of the Town of Howard, then N into the Town of Bath, to enter Campbell 
Creek 6 mi SW of the Village of Bath;
the ‘rainbow bridge’ refers to the final resting place of animals
; Steuben County, New York; 42°17’42”N, 77°26’36”W; USGS 
map – Towlesville 1:24,000. 

Sincerely yours, Lou Yost Executive Secretary 
Domestic Names Committee U.S. Board on Geographic Names 

Gregory C. Winters, MPH, BA, CDM, CFPP
Research Staff For Lou Yost, Executive Secretary 
U.S. Board on Geographic Names/Domestic Names Committee 
USGS Geographic Names Office 
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr., MS 523 

 I hope to create a paradise of peace for parents who have lost their "fur Kids" with a chapel & gazebo for services on paths along side the Rainbow Creek Bridge. Having this creek officially named is awesome!! The fact that the us government actually listed in the records ; the ‘rainbow bridge’ refers to the final resting place of animals, is miraculous. This is conformation that I am on the right path in life!  When gone may this be my legacy.  A reminder to all of the animals and pet parents who I have loved and been able to enhance their life with their companion animals…until we met at the Rainbow Bridge in the Sky. 


UPDATE 7/25/12  The Pet Pantry is now referred to as the People, Pets & Planetary Pantry

Services for health & wellness can be found at this time under both Country Hospetality & Whispering Wolf yet Whispering Wolf will take on it's own path over time, stay tuned for the evolution.  Many of you have called me the dog whisper and while I don't claim that association I proudly call myself the Whispering Wolf.  Services offered under Whispering Wolf are services that only I can offer while here at the lodge me staff take care of the animals in our care.  Whispering Wolf provides services here and in-home.  It's a tricky business decision to move sway from one's reputation and branding and this choice was not made lightly.  Much prayer and sole searching went into the planning.  Since I started my wellness journey back in April of this year my spiritual & religious relationships have evolved. I feel called to bring my holistic health & wellness products to more animals, types of animals and to people.

The name Country Hospetality Lodge & Pet Pantry is not the name for me to be a health and wellness coach for people but the Whispering Wolf, me, Deana Wolfe can offer any type of services and products without the "pet" name limitations.

The lodge & daycare camp is solid and will continue to be a service to our community of pets and pet parents while I continue to grow in the healing and health world.  I aim to help people and all animals with services and products that will enable them to be well, healthy, help with healing and help animals and their people during transition to the rainbow bridge.
I have received Healing Touch, Reiki, raindrop & Vita Flex Training for people and animals.  Most health and wellness training is provided for people and then there are a few who master the applications for animals.  I believe this is because there is not as much demand or money in the animal world. With  the love and connection I have with animals this "work" makes it all worth while.  I also know that as I grow I need to have as much love in my life for people as I do for animals so I continue on this path.

I am a better person today then yesterday.  I am healthier, happier and give grace to all who are a part of my life's journey.
You are all my teachers as much as I am yours.  Namaste.


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