"We Know Animals by Heart"™ 
Unlike a standard boarding kennel our lodge provides guest with several kinds of beds, blankets, feeding & water dishes. Holistic treats are provided through-out the day along with nightly turn down choices like pup-corn with a Disney movie. See FAQ for What do I need to bring besides my dog?
We need written proof of Rabies vaccination, no tags. See below for NY State Rabies Waivers We have upgraded our software to allow for us to scan your vaccination records and attach a copy to your dogs profile.  Thus you will be asked to bring a paper copy of your shot records, even for long time boarders or you may scan and email your vet records directly to us PRIOR to being accepted for boarding or daycare camp. The 1st time you board your pet provide proof of having had a Parvo & Distemper vaccination within your dogs lifetime.  NOTE: We do not require K9 Cough/Bordatella.
See link

 If you plan to have your dog vaccinated for Bordatella or Canine Cough, we have a 10 day waiting period following the intra-nasal injection.    Please arrange for any inoculations well in advance of your dog's arrival date or we may not be able to accept your pet.

Please Educate Yourself to Understand Your Health Options for Your Animals
Here is the Vaccination Guidelines for Cats and Dogs 

 DVD from the Safer Pet Vaccination Benefit Seminar
Do you know what the world's top vaccination experts know about vaccinating your pet? That is, what vaccines are really necessary, and when? And what vaccines are NOT needed and may needlessly subject your pet to the possibility of a dangerous vaccine reaction? The Safer Pet Vaccination Seminar, held in mid- 2010 for pet lovers, pet professionals andveterinarians, addressed vaccination and adverse reactions in dogs and cats with a short section on horses.  A video of the event is finally available. I have no invested interest but in education for your animals. Purchase Online http://dogs4dogs.com/saferpet

Visit the following links to understand our Vaccination policies:

Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs: Fraud and Fallacy

Rabies Exemptions and Waivers
Feel free to call me personally, Deana Wolfe, to discuss any vaccine concerns.  Rabies Vaccination is required by law though NY State allows your vet to complete a waiver.  Please print and discuss with your vet should you have an ill elderly or immune compromised pet(s).   http://www.agmkt.state.ny.us/ai/vetpage/Rabies%20Exempt%20Form.pdf
We support and encourage you to visit The Rabies Challenge Fund:

Another approach from a totally holistic authority is contained in this FREE online book:


Visit our Resource Page for Additional Research on Vaccinations and Healthy Feeding
Recommended Reading
Stop The Shots!

"Mr. Clifton does a really good job of presenting the facts in an easy-to-read book that is also easy for any pet owner to comprehend. I hope all pet owners read this book and then take a copy to their veterinarian."
Gary VanEngelenburg, DVM, TV's popular "Dr. Van"


What do I need to bring?

  • Vet issued vaccine paperwork
  • Food, see next column over for instructions
  • Medicines in original prescription containers
  • Written instructions for med administration
  • Written instructions for any special food prep
  • Dogs leash for entry & exits of premise
  • Quick release collar. No halters, buckles, prongs or chokes upon check-in
  • Emergency Red Cross contact name & number
  • Destination numbers
  • Crate if applicable to reservation
  • Your dog(s) and nothing more please
What is your check-in process?
  • While in your presence we will give each animal a physical exam, from nose to tail, as we check for fleas/parasites.We have the right of refusal or flea treatment fee of $25. No admittance with any other parasites. Dogs should be UTD on deworming.
  • Verification of your written instructions 
  • Verification of emergency numbers
  • Verification of feeding schedule
  • Pet MUST be dropped off by adult pet owner unless prior arrangements have been made
  • Prepaid if release provided to anyone other than owner.  Release for pickup by other than owner MUST be made at check-in. We will require your authorized adult to sign acknowledgement of animals health condition before release. 
When can I check-in or checkout?
Do you handle dogs separately?  YES! We understand that not all dogs are candidates for group play. Separate management is provided with suite bookings for everyones safety.
Do you take aggressive dogs? NO! You sign a contract stating your dog has not bitten a person or another dog. I  can offer you and your dog training though.
Do you test dogs for group play? YES! Everyday, all day, throughout the supervised playtime.
Have you ever had a vet visit for a clients dog due to rough play? NEVER!  We have been blessed with wonderful clients and knowledgable staff in preventing encounters. Dogs just really want to have FUN!
Will you take a shy or fearful dog? Let's talk. We have had many dogs overcome this.  I also offer training.
How will I know if you will take my dog(s)? Call for a tour and bring your dog(s) along with their vaccination records.

Bring Your Own Food
Select from The Dogville Diner Menu

We believe each pet should stay own it's own diet. The exception is treats and special wholesome meals that have been tested to be easily digestible for pets unless you pet has known IBS or allergies. Bringing your pets meals:
  • Put in serving size zip lock baggies OR a food safe container such a Tupperware
  • Label with pets name and your last name
  • Include complete feeding instructions
  • Include extra food in the event your trip is delayed
  • We honor all feeding options from Raw & home cooking to kibble
We can provide our holistic house kibble, Vet's Choice Healthy Extension, for your pet if desired. You can elect to buy a retail bag or pay for individual meals during your pets stay.

Our Dogville Diner offers Pet appetizers to desserts for your selection and pets enjoyment.  You will be offered a menu at check-in to select goodies from.

On HOLW-I-DAYS we offer our guest a special holiday meal for only  $3.00 For 2011 summer we are offering Merricks award winning can dog food in the following flavors:
Brauts-n-Tots, French Country Café, Grammy's Pot Pie, New Zealand Summer, Rocky Mountain Rainbows, Smothered Comfort & Wilderness Blend

Favorite Dessert Cool Dogs, a frozen lowfat fruit  or peanut butter sorbet made just for canines....$1.00

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